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Plugin License & Usage Terms

By purchasing any of our premium plugins from this website (, you are agreeing to these plugin license and usage terms and conditions.

Plugin Zip:

Upon purchasing a premium plugin from this website, you will receive a plugin zip file. This file contains all the code necessary to install the plugin within your WordPress website. Our premium WordPress plugins are licensed under GPL 3.0, which can be viewed at

Plugin License Key:

Along with the plugin zip file, you will also receive a license key. This key is required to activate the plugin and access its features, as well as receive updates and support.

Plugin License Type:

We offer three types of plugin licenses on this website: Single Site, 5 Sites, and 25 Sites. These licenses are also referred to as Personal, Professional, and Agency licenses. You have the option to purchase a license for a one-year subscription or a 5 years subscription. If you choose a one-year subscription, you will receive updates and support for one year. With a 5 years license, we will provide updates and support for a maximum of 5 years or until we stop selling the plugin on our website.

License Usage on Multiple Sites:

The Personal or Single Site license can only be installed and activated on one website. However, the other licenses can be installed on 5 or 25 sites, respectively, depending on your purchase.

License Transfer between Domains:

If you have a Single Site license and wish to activate it on another domain, you must first deactivate the license and uninstall the plugin from the original website. Our support team is available to assist with the deactivation process and to help you use the license on the new domain.

License Transfer between Accounts:

It is not possible to transfer a license key from one account to another on this website. If you wish to transfer the license ownership to another account, please contact our support team.

Plugin Usage After Subscription Expiration:

After your subscription has expired, you will no longer have access to plugin updates or support from our team. Additionally, you will not be able to download the plugin from the my-account section of this website. To continue using the plugin and receiving updates and support, you must renew your plugin subscription.

Re-distribution License & Zip:

It is not permitted to re-distribute or re-sell the single or multi-site licenses (Professional & Agency) on your website or any third-party website without our permission. We do not grant permission to include any of our premium plugins in a theme or other plugin that will be redistributed. You are welcome to use the plugin license on your clients’ websites, but you cannot directly sell the plugin code/zip or license key on your website. Additionally, you cannot use our plugin name on your website if you are distributing our premium plugin zip under the GPL category.

In conclusion, it is essential to understand the terms and conditions of the license and plugin usage policy when purchasing a premium WordPress plugin from this website. These policies dictate how you can use the plugin, how often you will receive updates, and what type of support to expect. Be sure to read the updates and support policy ⇗ carefully to fully understand the support included with your purchase.

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