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Event Single Page Widgets

Our plugin Events Single Page Builder Pro provides you with the pre made elementor based templates.

But we know, everyone has their own perspective. So this plugin gives user an ability to create their single event page design from scratch or edit the pre-made templates.

Let us know see how to create or edit the template.

If you want to edit the premade template then you can select the one of the template of your choice otherwise to create a template from scratch you don’t have to select any premade template.

Once you publish the button you get a dialog box as shown below:

Now click on Edit With Elementor button. This will take you to the elementor editor.

  1. In the Search Widget >> Type Events.
  2. You will get a tab with name Event Single Page Builder Pro.
  3. All the widgets are under this tab.

Let us now see what each widget do:

1.) Event Title :- This widget will show the title of the event.

2.) Event Description :- This widget will show the description of the event.

3.) Event Image :- This widget will show the event’s featured image.

4.) Event Venue Details :- This widget will show the venue details of the event.

5.) Event Map:- This widget shows the map with the address or link of the address of the event.

6.) Event Date:- This widget will show the date of the event.

7.) Event Organizer:- This widget will show the organizer details of the event.

8.) Related Events :- This widget will show the related events of the event based on the category or tags of the event.

9.) Share Event :- This widget shows the different social media platforms which will help your users to share the event easily.

10.) Event Countdown :- This widget show the countdown timer of the event.

11.) All Events:- This widget shows the label All Events. Clicking on this will take the user to the link you have giving in the settings.

12.) Event Cost :- This widget will display the cost of the event.

13.) Google Calendar & iCal Export :- This widget will create button with the calendar name on it. Which will have your user to save the event in their google calendar or iCal.

14.) Event Meta Details :- This widget shows the meta details of the event.

15.) Event Footer :- This widget will show the previous our next event and is used to ease the user navigation.

16.) Event Time :- This widget will show the event timing.

17.) Event Status :- This widget will show the status of the event and also the message associated with that.

With help of these widgets you can create any design you want.