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Download & Install Plugin

Download Plugin From Events Calendar Add-ons Website.

Visit – https://www.eventscalendaraddons.com/my-account/downloads/ & download the zip of your purchased plugin.

Install via WordPress Admin (best plugin installation method)

  1. Log in to the WordPress Admin panel.
  2. On the left-hand menu, navigate to “Plugins,” then select “Add New.”
  3. Click on “Upload Plugin” to proceed with the add-on installation.
  4. Locate and select the downloaded file, ensuring it is in the (.zip) format.
  5. After uploading, click the “Install” button, and once the installation is complete, activate the add-on.

Install via FTP Account

  1. To install the plugin, use your FTP software and browse to the wp-content/plugins folder.
  2. Extract the main plugin file (.zip) to the folder and upload it to the server. For example, events-widgets-pro.zip to the events-widgets-pro folder and then upload to the server.
  3. Once it’s uploaded, go to your WordPress Admin panel and browse to Plugins >> Installed Plugins.
  4. Click the Activate link.