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Other Carousel Settings


  • Show Arrows:- If you don’t want to show arrows, then you can disable this option.
  • Navigation Icon:- If you want to change the navigation arrow, then you can select from the navigation icon option.
  • Horizontal Orientation (Previous/ next arrow) :- You can change the horizontal position of previous / next arrow to left, center and right.
  • Position :- You can also set the position of the icon horizontally using this option.
  • Vertical Orientation :- You can change the vertical position of the previous / next arrow to top, middle and bottom.
  • Position :- You can also set the position of the icon vertically using this option.
  • Border :-
    • Border Type option provides different types of border for navigation buttons.
    • Border Radius is used for set radius of border.
  • Color :- This option is used for the navigation icon color.
  • Background :- This option sets the background color of the navigation icon.
  • Box Shadow :- This option use for give shadow to the navigation icon.
  • Color For Disable Icon :- Color for disable Icon gives color to a navigation icon that is disabled at the last slide and at the first slide of the carousel.
  • Size:- Size option used for set the size of the navigation icon.
  • Padding :- This option is used to give padding to the navigation icon.
  • Margin :- This option is used to give margin to the navigation icon.
  • Position:-
    • Inside option set the location of the navigation buttons inside the swiper-container.
    • Outside option set the location of the navigation buttons outside the swiper-container.


  • Show Pagination :- You can set the pagination to slider by enabling the show pagination option.
  • Pagination Style :- This option provide you bullet style pagination, fraction style and progress bar style pagination.
  • Color :- Color option sets the color of pagination.