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Events Loop Item

What is loop item?

A “loop item” typically refers to an element within a loop or series. Here, loop item is a design that you used to showcase your events series in a loop structure like List, Grid and Carousel.

The Events Loop Item functions as a post, although its behavior slightly different from that of typical post. With the Events Loop Item, you have the ability to craft a unique design for a event; however, this design can be applied multiple times for various events on multiple post and pages.

The above Images depicts how you can create Events loop item using multiple widgets available. You can design the item as per your wish. Currently, we can create List loop item or Grid loop item designs using these widgets.

Pre-build Template

Our plugin offers a selection of six pre-designed loop item templates, including four unique loop list item designs and two distinct loop grid item layouts. These loop items are conveniently accessible through our Events Loop Widgets.

To provide you with a visual overview of all six pre-made loop items included with the plugin, we’ve prepared a short video demonstration.